Many of us love watching shows on our televisions and it can sometimes cause us to be distracted that we forget to work out. So for those TV-lovers who can’t keep their eyes from being glued on the screen, here are some simple exercises to try while watching:


Lunges have been around for a very long time and many still do them until this day. This isn’t very surprising because they actually work and help in working out. Similar to squatting, lunges help in keeping the legs and butts in shape. This doesn’t need a lot of equipment and is easy to do that you can even do it in front of your home theater set. But you should make sure you have enough space to move around and perform this to make sure you will not be breaking anything.


Not many people love waiting over the commercials and actually end up watching them. In order to keep yourself occupied in between your shows and get fit at the same time, try doing some pushups during the commercial break. You could make it more fun by trying to see how many you can do during commercial breaks and try to break that record as time goes on.

Walking in Place

Walking in place doesn’t need any special equipment nor will it need a lot of space. It will not even need you to move too much which can be distracting while watching your show. Doing this simple exercise can help you sweat which means that you are burning calories. If you want to take it up a little higher, you can do it on a treadmill while watching a show so you could increase your speed as you try to catch up on the episodes.


Like lunges, you can try to do squats while watching your shows. This can help a lot if you want to improve your leg strength and improve their shapes including that of your behind. You can also do this in a way that you are leaned back on the wall and squatting like you are sitting on the air and try to see how long you can stay that way throughout the time you are watching your show. You won’t need to move a lot and you won’t need any equipment in order to do this.


This is one of the simplest exercises to do but it’s one of those that help in improving a big part of your body. Planking involves trying to do a pushup position without moving yourself up or down and just staying in place. This means you have to keep your body from touching the floor which helps in improving the arm strength as well as the other parts of the body. This may be a little difficult to do while watching if your screen is too far above you so it is recommended to do if you are watching is something portable like a laptop or your phone.